On Waters | AquaGranda - Side Events December 9,10,11, 2022

December 08, 2022
On Waters | AquaGranda
Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Penitenti

Linea AquaGranda | the side events
Linea AquaGranda is a series of collateral events designed and conceived, together with local associations and institutions, researchers, artists and popularizers with the aim of enhancing the link between the archive, the host space and the public. Through this series of events, the aim is to raise public awareness of climate change and its mitigation.

End of exhibition program:

  •     Saving the Lagoon
Friday, December 9, 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

The Venice Lagoon is the result of anthropogenic and natural interactions over millennia. Its unique wetland environment is the result of a precarious balance that makes it unique yet fragile. In the last century, the occurrence of catastrophic events resulting from climate change that has gone unheeded for too long has highlighted how much the land is in danger. Venice has known on its own skin, in recent years, a series of events that have disrupted its ecosystem. Being able to address such important issues in a church that still has an open structural wound, a consequence of the 2019 Aquagranda that did so much damage, is if nothing else a way to be able to heal it. For this reason, the Sulle Acque exhibition will have the pleasure of hosting engineer Giovanni Cecconi on Friday, December 9, at 5 p.m.: it will be a way to understand what interventions were useful to keep the lagoon temporarily safe, understanding not only how they worked, but also the environmental and economic consequences that such works may have had.

Free event

  • Guided tours with cultural mediators from Ca' Foscari University.
Saturday, December 10 and Sunday, December 11, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Free tours
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  • Fabian Kühlein and Costanza Sartoris talk about Playful waters
Sunday, December 11, 3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Playful waters makes Aqua Granda's archive, a Digital Collective Memory audible and spatially experienceable. Consider the period from 12.11.2019, the day of the flood, to 17.11.2019. Visitors themselves can explore 12 audio streams in a virtual space, thus creating an individual composition of the acoustic material each time. Four streams are controlled by water level sensors in the Venice Lagoon. Four streams reproduce the original twitter traffic on the topic of flooding and climate change during this period. Finally, four streams tell the drama of those days through the original sound of recovered videos.

English-language talk - free event

By the sea by Michele Deiana
Sunday, December 11, 4:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

The work is an audiovisual portrait of the sea, structured in three main sections (Body, Motion, Home), in which the viewer's gaze explores different elements: beginning with the amorphous nature of the place, moving through its dynamic character in the second act, and ending in the last chapter with the feeling of sacred intimacy.
Composer Michele Deiana talks with Paolo Zavagna, Costanza Sartoris and Marco Cosmo about By the sea.

This will be followed by a screening of the unreleased adiovisual work, the first at the international level. By the sea will be released on January 27, 2023, on the British label Birmingham Record Company, distributed by NCM Recordings.

Free event

Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Penitenti
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30121 Venice VE

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