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May 14, 2021

The Aquagranda project will be officially presented to the city of Venice on Friday, May 21 at 6 pm in live streaming on Youtube and on the facebook pages of AquaGranda and Science Gallery Venice.

In these months we have collected your images, your videos, your chats, and your voice notes; we have elaborated thousands of data; we have contacted and collaborated with dozens of artists who, with their contribution, have given a fundamental contribution to the project and to the city; we have worked in close contact with Foundations, Universities, associations, schools, teachers; we have known the most hidden aspects of Venice, we have felt by hand its fragility but also its sense of community and of belonging; we have understood that Venice without its citizens cannot exist, but neither its citizens without Venice can exist.
After having realized the first digital archive on high water, available and usable by everyone, we present the second step of the AquaGranda project: a virtual and diffused exhibition that can be visited walking through the calli of Venice.
Several international artists and data-scientists in these months have used the material collected in our digital archive to create the works of art that make up the body of the exhibition "Navigating AquaGranda, a Digital Community Memory". Photos, videos, sounds have been used, modified and reinterpreted creating artistic and multimedia products for the public.
You don't enter a physical place to visit the exhibition, but you discover it by "navigating" through the calli of Venice using your smartphone.
Several artistic landmarks in Murano glass installed in eight Venetian institutions will allow the visitor to interact with the work: from simple users, you become protagonists of the work itself.
In a light, almost delicate way, the exhibition is inserted into the city, reconstructing the memory of the community that lives there or simply loves it.

The event program

Marco Paladini - Responsible for the memoirs collection campaign
Alberto Toso Fei - Writer, essayist, Venetian journalist
Massimo Warglien - Scientific Direction Aquagranda and coordination of European project Odycceus
Gabriella Traviglia - Exhibition and Archive Production Manager
Carlo Santagiustina - Artist "Navigating AquaGranda, a digital community memory".
Valentina Lisi - Tutor Laboratories of Oral History, Aqua Granda 1966
Valentina Bianchi and Anna Meneghini- Young Voices representatives for the podcast series on AquaGranda 2019
Sebastiano Cognolato - Venice Calls Representative
Roberta Dal Corso - Confartigianato Venice
Vanessa Milan - AquaGranda Image Creator

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Winner of the Honorary Mention 2023

A project cofunded by European Union

Navigating Aquagranda, a digital community memory

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