NEW TIDES | The ‘Acqua Alta’ viewed through the eyes of the future

November 30, 2022
High tides are a phenomenon that has always characterized the lagoon and the city of Venice from November to March. Depending on the tide level, it is not uncommon to find a partially submerged city and, in recent times, the phenomenon has even become a tourist attraction. During the night of November 12, 2019, the water reached the second-highest level ever recorded: 187 cm. The entire city, along with the islands of the lagoon, went underwater, and the city could recover only thanks to the willpower and solidarity of the Venetian community, which slowly left behind this bitter memory.
But how does the tide work in the lagoon? What are the difficulties it brings? What happened that night and in the following days? How does this phenomenon fit into a global climate change perspective?
Speakers and participants tried to answer these and other questions through an open and informal round table with experts and local associations.

Event organized by Venywhere APS and AquaGranda. 
Participants included Venice Calls APS, We Are Here Venice, Venywhere SRL, the community of remote workers, and associates of Venywhere APS.
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