COI PIEDI NELL’ACQUA | Tell us about the high tide through your words and images

September 26, 2022
For the second edition of the AquaGranda exhibition, we have programmed an educational workshop open to all primary and secondary schools in Venice and Mestre.
The AquaGranda archive is a collective digital memory. It gathers the citizens testimonies and reactions to the 2019 tragic event.
The AquaGranda project aims to open its archive to all generations, including the youngest in order to become a source of inspiration for the current and future decisions for the city. The archive intents to raise awareness on issues of collective concern such as the climate crisis and its impact on the lives of coastal communities.
The classes interested in the project will create illustrated booklets from a folded A4 sheet of paper.
In the booklet, the students will narrate their personal experience of the high tide of Nov. 12, 2019, with texts, stories, poems, illustrations or collages, enabling them to fully express their creativity.

Deadline: October 21

: educational and creative workshop

Activities dedicated to: elementary and middle school classes

Age: 6-10 elementary school, 11-13 middle school

Relevant school subjects: Art History, Italian, English, Civics, History, Geography, Earth Science and Technology.

Subject: nature, environment, geology, storytelling and creativity

Organizers: Distretto Veneziano di Ricerca e dell’Innovazione (DVRI), BlueNIGHTs and AquaGranda

Cost: free

To participate to the educational workshop please send an email to 

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